Are your friends tired of old, tasteless commercial dog biscuits?


Best Friends Biscuit Bakery was created as an alternative to commercially made dog biscuits and treats. I started baking biscuits and treats because I was concerned about our four legged friends eating healthier, fresher biscuits as well as rewarding treats they love without the worry of weight or diet issues.

BFBB's biscuits are homemade from my kitchen, with the freshest all natural ingredients. Recipes that range from Peanut Butter Bones to Diet Delights!

If your best friend has special needs, I can whip up a batch of biscuits they'll love in no time. Just send me an e-mail (from the link below) with your friends special dietary needs information, I will respond with several recipe suggestion, depending on your friends dietary issues and well being.

We will go over all your questions and concerns with you, as we feel an educated dog owner is the best dog owner.

Contact me with any questions, special needs or diets.